IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 Apply Online : Sarkari Result

IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 Apply Online

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IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 Apply Online Short Information: The Institute Of Engineering And Rural Technology, IERT, Prayagraj has Recently Released a Notification of the IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 Online Form. Interested candidates can Apply for the IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 Online Form By Reading the Details Which are given below. The Application will Start On 15/12/2023. To facilitate candidates’ Online application, a direct link to the Apply IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 has been included in the article below.

Institute Of Engineering And Rural Technology, IERT, Prayagraj

IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 Apply Online


Important Date

  • Application Begin15/12/2023
  • End Application: 30/04/2024
  • Payment Date End: 30/04/2024
  • Exam Available: 11/06/2024 to 14/06/2024
  • Admit Card Available: Before Exam


Application Fee

  • General/OBC/EWS: 1350/-
  • SC / ST: 1350/-
  • GST/Bank Charge: Extra Charge/-
  • Pay the Exam Fee By UPI ID, Debit Card, Credit Card And Net Banking.

IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 Eligibility

Course Name Eligibility
Engineering/Technology Diploma Three Year
  • Candidate Must be Qualified Class 10th Exam With Science And Math As Compulsory subjects from Any Recognised School.
  • Minimum 14 Years As On 01/07/2023
  • For More Information Read the Notification.
Management Diploma Two Year
  • Candidate Must be Qualified Class 12th Exam With English As a Compulsory subject from Any Recognised School.
  • For More Information Read the Notification.
Post Diploma in Computer Application One & Half Year
  • Candidate Must be Qualified Diploma In Any Stream With Physics And Math As Compulsory subjects from Any Recognised School.
  • Minimum 14 Years As On 01/07/2023
  • For More Information Read the Notification.

IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 Syllabus

Category Sub-Category/Topic
A. ARITHMETIC 1. Simple and compound interest.

2. Work-time and speed-time.

3. Bank deposits and payments in installments, Taxation. 

4. Percentage, Profit, Loss & Discount.

5. Ratio, Proportion & Mixture.

B. STATISTICS 1. Importance of statistics and its usefulness. 

2. Classification of data frequency distribution, cumulative frequency. Graphical representation of statistical data, bar chart, histogram, frequency polygon, frequency curves, cumulative frequency curve, and a graphical representation, Pie diagram.

3. Measures of Central Tendency- Mean, Median & Mode.

4. Measures of Dispersion – Range, Mean Deviation, Standard Deviation & Variance.

C. ALGEBRA 1. Number System-Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers, Integers, Even Numbers, Odd Numbers, Rational Numbers, Irrational Numbers, Real Numbers, Prime Numbers, Twin Prime Numbers, Composite Numbers and their characteristics. 

2. Laws of Indices, Surds & Simplification. 

3. Square Roots & Cube Roots.

4. Logarithms-definition, laws, and their application, to find the characteristics & mantissa. 

5. Factors-expressions in the form of difference of two squares, trinomial expression, factorization by completing the square, expressions in the form of sum and difference of two cubes, remainder theorem, and expression of the type a³+b³+c³ – 3abc. 

6. L.C.M. & H.C.M by factorization.

7. Linear & Quadratic Equations. 

8. Solution of simultaneous equations (linear equations with three variables) and problems based on them. 

9. Set Theory – Sets, Representation of Sets, Types of Sets, Subsets, Universal set, Complement of Set, Union of Sets, Interaction of Sets, Disjoint Set, Difference of Sets, Laws of Algebra of Sets & Simple Problems with the help of Venn diagram. 

10. Mappings – Into Mapping, Onto Mapping, One-One Mapping and Many-One Mapping.

D. TRIGONOMETRY 1. Circular measures (relation between radian & degree), the definition of trigonometric ratios and their relations. 

2. Trigonometrical ratios of angles of 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° and 180°. 

3. Trigonometrical ratios of angles of 90±θ, 180±θ, 270±θ, 360±θ, where θ is any angle. 

4. Trigonometrical ratios (sine, cosine, tangent, and cotangent) for the sum & difference of two angles. 

5. Expressing products of sines and cosines into sum and difference form. 

6. Trigonometrical ratios of multiple & sub-multiple angles. 

7. Angle of elevation and depression. Simple problems on height & distance.

E. GEOMETRY 1. Pythagoras Theorem and its extension. 

2. Circles: Problems based on various theorems. 

3. Area and Perimeter of Plane Figures.

  • Surfaces and volumes of Cube, Cuboids, Rectangular Parallelepiped, Right Prism, Right Pyramid, Right Circular Cylinder, Right Circular Cone, and Sphere (application of the formulae without proof).
  • Distance Between Two Points, Section Formulae, Coordinates of Centroid, Circumcentre, Incentre and orthocentre of a Triangle, Area of a Triangle and quadrilateral, Collinear Points, Equations of Straight Lines in Different Forms, Length of a Perpendicular, Distance Between Two Parallel Lines, Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines, Coordinates of the Foot of Perpendicular, Angles Between Two Lines, Co-ordinates of a Point of Intersection, Equations of the Bisectors of the Angles Between Two Given Lines, Concurrent Lines.

IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 Physics Syllabus


  1. Fundamental units: Fundamental quantities, S.I. system, standard units.
  2. Measurements of small length: Vernier calipers, screw gauge, accuracy, significant figures.


  1. Vectors: Distance, displacement, speed, velocity, vector representation, vector addition.
  2. Acceleration: Equation of motion under gravity.


  1. Laws of Motion: Newton’s laws, conservation of momentum.
  2. Moment of Force: Equilibrium, the center of gravity.


  1. Work, Power, Energy: Definitions, kinetic energy, potential energy, conservation of energy.


  1. Pressure in liquids: Laws, Archimedes’s principle, upthrust of gases.
  2. Wave Motion & Sound: Formation, propagation, wave types, electromagnetic waves.


  1. Periodic motion: Simple harmonic motion.
  2. Wave Motion & Sound: Wave formation, propagation, types, electromagnetic waves.


  • Kinetic model of gases: Pressure, temperature, ideal gas equation.
  • Thermal Expansion: Coefficient, temperature scales.
  • Thermal Energy: Internal energy, thermal capacity, specific heat, latent heat.
  • Thermal Radiation: Rate of radiation, cooling curve, emissivity.


  • Light facts: Independence of rays, deviation, scattering, diffused reflection.
  • Reflection of light: Laws, mirrors, mirror formula.
  • Refraction of light: Snell’s law, lenses, lens formula, optical instruments.


  • Atomic model: Charges, electrons, conductor vs. non-conductor, electrostatic induction.


  • Simple Circuits: Current, potential difference, electric cell, EMF, Ohm’s law, resistance, specific resistance, circuit combinations.

IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 Chemistry Syllabus


  1. The scientific method, the definition of chemistry, branches, and importance.
  2. States of matter, molecular kinetic theory.
  3. Atom, molecule, laws of chemical combination.
  4. Atomic structure, proton, neutron, electron, isotopes, radioactivity, nuclear energy.
  5. Valency, electrovalency, co-valency.
  6. Symbol, formula, chemical equation, balancing.
  7. Gas laws: Boyle’s, Charles’, Gay-Lussac’s, Dalton’s, Graham’s.
  8. Avogadro’s Hypothesis.
  9. Atomic weight, molecular weight, equivalent weight determination.
  10. Faraday’s law, acid, base, salt, ionization, voltaic cell.
  11. Chemical reactions: addition, substitution, dissociation, hydrolysis, double decomposition, oxidation-reduction, catalysis.
  12. Solution, solute, solvent, saturated, unsaturated, super-saturated solution, normal, molal, molar solution, solubility.


  1. Classification of elements, Mendeleev’s periodic table.
  2. Electronic configuration of elements.
  3. Drinking water, water hardness, removal methods.
  4. Laboratory preparation, properties, uses of gases: oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride.
  5. Metals vs. non-metals, metallurgy of Aluminum.


  1. Introduction to organic chemistry, organic vs. inorganic compounds, tetrahedral nature of carbon.
  2. Classification, and nomenclature of organic compounds (Aliphatic & Aromatic).
  3. Preparation, and properties of paraffins (methane, ethane) and unsaturated hydrocarbons (ethylene, acetylene).
  4. Introduction to plastics, artificial fibers, medicines, explosives, soaps, and detergents.

D. NUMERICAL PROBLEMS: Numerical problems on laws of chemical combination, percentage composition, empirical and molecular formula, chemical equation, equivalent weight, valency, molecular weight of volatile substances, Graham’s Law of diffusion, gas equation.

IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 Training And Placement Details

Committee Collaboration:

  • The cell collaborates with a committee representing students from diploma engineering and management courses.

Industry Interaction:

  • Liaison with numerous industrial establishments and corporate houses for campus interviews.
  • Nearly 100 companies visit the campus annually for recruitment.

Placement Record:

  • IERT boasts the best campus placement among polytechnics in Uttar Pradesh.
  • The institute maintains an excellent track record of placements each year.

Placement Statistics (2022):

  • Highest package: Rs 6 Lakhs per Annum (LPA)
  • Average package: Rs 3 Lakhs per Annum (LPA)
  • Minimum package: Rs 2.5 Lakhs per Annum (LPA)

High Placement Percentage:

  • Approximately 100 percent placement is provided to deserving students annually.

Training Initiatives:

  • The Training Placement Cell focuses on building industry-institution interaction and corporate relationships.
  • Provides training to enhance students’ personality, personal grooming, and aptitude, preparing them for the industry.

IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 Scholarship Details

Students admitted to IERT, Prayagraj, have access to various scholarships provided by the Uttar Pradesh Government, including the Post Matric Scholarship and other schemes. Key details include:

Scholarship Types:

  • Students can benefit from scholarships such as the Post Matric Scholarship and other similar schemes.

Eligibility and Rules:

  • Eligible students at the institute are entitled to avail themselves of these scholarships based on specified rules.

Application Details:

  • Candidates are required to visit the official website for comprehensive information.


  • Eligible students can benefit from the Uttar Pradesh Government’s Post Matric Scholarship and fee reimbursement scheme.

How to Apply for IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024

To Apply for IERT Entrance Examination Form 2024 follow these steps:

1. Admission Announcement:

  • Institute Of Engineering And Rural Technology (IERT), Prayagraj, has released a notification for admissions in Engineering Diploma and other courses for the year 2024.

2. Application Period:

  • Candidates are eligible to apply between 15/12/2023 to 30/04/2023 at

3. Pre-Application Preparations:

  • Before applying, candidates should thoroughly read the notification for IERT Admissions 2024 to understand the requirements.

4. Document Verification:

  • Check and collect all necessary documents, including proof of eligibility, ID, address details, and basic information.

5. Document Preparation:

  • Prepare scanned copies of documents related to the admission entrance form, such as photos, signatures, and ID proof.

6. Application Submission:

  • Before submitting the application form, carefully review the preview and ensure all columns are filled accurately.

7. Confirmation and Record:

  • After successful submission, take a printout of the final submitted form for future reference.

Best Of Luck!

Interested Aspirant Can Read the Full Notification Before Apply Online

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